• Adarsha Group has a long, outstanding track record as a leading real estate organization especially in land development.
  • Timex Group, on the other hand, has reputed business concerns both nationally and internationally.
  • Both these organizations share an extensive standing relationship businesswise and a profound mutual respect for each other.
  • This mutual admiration and reliability have led to the joint venture project – “Adarsha Timex Valley”.
  • This will be a top notch, state of the art, ultra modern project, encompassing all the amenities coupled with some exclusive indulgences that a 21st century accommodation should offer.
  • We believe our forward looking vision, wide thinking, firm determination, meticulous planning, depth of technical knowledge, hard work, tremendous support from land owners and local people and finally, moral values - altogether can achieve our dream- “Adarsha-Timex valley”.


  • Our clients are most enthusiastic and exited about the location and road networks that the project offers.
  • Distance of Adarsha Timex Valley from Kuril Flyover – 14.7 km.
  • The whole project is surrounded by so many roads that it’s a resident’s dream.
  • Southern & Western side of the project is just adjacent to the RAJUK Purbachal new town whereas Eastern side is just by the Shitalakkha River.
  • So, Adarsha Timex valley is nesting between RAJUK New Town & Shitalakkha River.
  • Dhaka by pass (Asian high way) & Rajuk 300ft express highway has created a Junction just 1.5 km away from the project.
  • Another 120ft Government road will connect the project with that Junction.
  • So, residents of the project will enter the Bishwa Road, Khilkhet by the Rajuk 300' express highway within 10 minutes & the whole country by using Dhaka by-pass very quickly and smoothly.


  • 3.1 km Kuril Flyover is already completed and in use which is connected to 300 feet road.
  • This 300 feet road is connected to the 180 feet road at the beginning of Kanchan Bridge which is just one km away from the project.
  • The project is already surrounded by 4 LGED and government roads which made the communication much easier and smooth.
  • A proposed 120 feet road will directly go through the middle of the project which will connect sector # 4 (Diplomatic zone) of Purbachal new town to the project making commuting completely hassle free.
  • The internal Roads of the project will be 80 feet, 40 feet and 25 feet wide.
  • There will be a 8 feet walking street along the  lake.
  • No other project in the area can boast such superb road connectivity and communication facility.
  • All these information can be found in the website of RAJUK,  www.rajukdhaka.gov.bd.


  • An Agro farm with a Kitchen market will be built on 30.3 bighas.
  • There will be a total of 5 schools including 2 public schools and 2 kindergartens.
  • A lake will be created either between the Sports academy and Graveyard (beside block I,J,M &N) or to the south of block D, E,F, G & H, beside the Amusement park.
  • The Lake will be 367m long, 40m wide and  depth will be 52m.
  • A Country Club with Miniature Golf Course will be built.
  • Please note, a 9 hole Golf  Course is already in the RAJUK plan at Sector 18 which is just around Adarsha Timex valley. That’s why, we are not going for a full – fledged Golf Course.
  • A Convention Center will be built on 10 bighas with all the modern facilities.
  • A Boat Club will be either on Sitalakshya River or in the Amusement park.
  • Along with Water Treatment and Waste Management facilities, there will also be a Fire Service Station.

St. Paul preparatory School

  • We are extremely proud to announce that we have almost finished a negotiation to bring a franchise of St. Paul Preparatory School, currently ranked the 9th in the world, in Bangladesh and this school would be located in Adarsha-Timex valley.
  • This school has 6 highest accreditations of the world whereas ISD (International School Dhaka) of Basundhara residential Area has 3.
  • This one comparison clearly depicts how prestigious the project is going to be!!

International Royal Academy of the United Nations

  • The International Royal Academy of the United Nations is the largest expert, scientific, educational, informational, consulting and cultural association. The Academy is an independent, international organization as UN, Nobel Committee, UNISEF etc.
  • The most outstanding persons and professionals are represented more than by 1000 members of the Academy all over the world. The structure of Academy includes more than a hundred of federations, branches, representations, divisions, departments, boards, committees, assemblies, councils, institutes, schools, magazines, leagues, centers, funds, unions, commissions etc.
  • Timex Holdings Ltd, of which Adarsha-timex valley is a concern, already negotiated with this extremely prestigious organization about establishing a franchise of a highly reputed University and a world class hospital from their chains in Bangladesh.
  • Again, the location of these prime concerns will be Adarsha-Timex valley.
  • Hr. Dr. Ahsan ullah Bhuiyan (01715664699), Honorable Country president of Bangladesh of International Royal Academy of United nations, Head Quarter: 30 Wall Street, New York city, NY10005, USA,has already given us his consent about this.
  • Adding these two facilities will make Adarsha-Timex valley almost self-relient as the residents’ need of health and education would be fulfilled.

Timex Amusement Park


Sports Training Academy


Why Adarsha Timex Valley is for you – USP’s

  • It’s located between sector 4 (Diplomatic zone) and 21, just adjacent to the RAJUK Purbachal new town and only 100 yards from the Dhaka by pass (Asian high way) & Rajuk 300' express highway whereas Eastern side is just by the Shitalakkha River.
  •  No other project can boast such suitable location.
  • It’s located on this side of Kanchan Bridge whereas most other projects are located on the other side of the bridge.
  • This project is already under DAP (Detailed Area Plan) but other projects are not.
  • As it is under DAP, it will be under RAJUK undoubtedly which no other project can claim, we can guarantee.
  • All other projects, especially the ones other side of the bridge, are and will remain under Union Parishad.
  • From the previous part of our presentation, you can clearly see that no other project is as planned and wholesome as Adarsha Timex valley.
  •  We can handover plots as early as by 2020 or as you wish which no other projects can do.
  • If we couldn’t deliver the plots on the delivery time fixed, we will pay any compensation settled by both parties which will be clearly stated in the MOU.

Some On-going Land Filling Projects Of Adarsha-Timex Valley