Timex Academy for Advance Education

Timex Academy is offering advance education for Bangladeshi students. In Bangladesh, we have approximate 3 Million unemployed youth. It's a threat to the new generation. So why this huge unemployment! The ratio of university graduates is increasing day by day but we cannot ensure proper job place for that students. We creating graduates but we cannot prepare them as the global competitor, we cannot prepare them as advance graduates that's why can assure proper career place for our graduates. Timex academy has taken initiative to offer international degrees which has advanced quality and image and which can help you to assure your desired career place. A  Keep in touch with us and know about our new initiatives. We are here for you to ensure your better education and career and to make you global competitor.

European Degree from Bangladesh

You can complete your MBA, DBA or other specialized professional degrees from Bangladesh as part-time basis. You can also study in Europe at full time.

We are offering Bachelor course, Masters Course and Doctoral course with the collaboration of European universities.


Study & Career in Japan

Total 11,83,686 examinees participated in last HSC exam (12 class) in Bangladesh in 2017. A  We donate have enough opportunity to ensure proper higher education in Bangladesh for those students. That's why so many students are willing to go abroad for higher study. Japan can be the best choice because of less cost, available part time job, easy processing and quality living standard. A Japan and Bangladesh have a strong relationship since from formation of Bangladesh in 1971. A In a BBC World Poll, 71% of Bangladesh had a favorable view of Japan, making Bangladesh one of the most pro-Japanese countries in the world. 

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